CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section I - Land and Water Engineering, including EnviroWater 2010

A meta-analysis of weather effects on corn nitrogen fertilization requirements
Authors: Min Xie, Nicolas Tremblay, Zhanmin Wei
Keywords: weather effects, corn nitrogen fertilization,response ratio
Identifier: CSBE100746
A triple-sensor horizontal penetrometer for on-the-go measuring soil moisture content, electrical conductivity and mechanical resistance
Authors: Qingmeng Zeng, Yurui Sun, Peter Schulze Lammers
Keywords: on-the-go measurement, triple-sensor horizontal penetrometer
Identifier: CSBE101339
Affect of drought on pollution of lenj station of zayandehrood river by artificial neural network (ann)
Authors: K. Mohsenifar, E. Pazira, N. Mohsenifar, F. Allahyari, S.H. Tabatabaei
Keywords: river, precipitation, artificial neural network and modeling
Identifier: CSBE101378
Agriculture, population and their impact on the global environment
Authors: Poritosh Roy, Takahiro Orikasa, Nobutaka Nakamura, Takeo Shiina
Keywords: agriculture, population, food supply, dietary choices, global environment
Identifier: CSBE100466
Application of mathematic models of water in irrigated bean crop under no-tillage system
Authors: Douglas Roberto Bizari, Edson Eiji Matsura, Marcio Mesquita
Keywords: mulching, efficiency of water applied, production of grains
Identifier: CSBE101193
Assessing different leaching models in South east Iran
Authors: Forough Allahyari Pour
Keywords: saline,desodification,desalinization,model
Identifier: CSBE100622
Characterization of energy requirements in pressurized irrigation networks and evaluation of potential energy saving meassures in Southern Spain
Authors: J.A. Rodriguez Diaz, E. Camacho Poyato, T. Carrillo Cobo
Keywords: water supply systems, water management, energy efficiency, andalucia
Identifier: CSBE100509
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