CIGR and AGM Québec City (2010)

CIGR Section VII - Information Systems (join with INFITA and 8th WCCA)

A case-based forecasting system for dangshansu pear scab combined with fuzzy clustering
Authors: Li Shaowen, Li Rui, Zhang Peng, Fang Wenjuan, Liu Li, Wang Weiwei, Gu Lichuan
Keywords: expert system, dangshansu pea, pear scab, forecasting system, cbr, fuzzy reasoning
Identifier: CSBE101677
A hybrid wavelet transform-based agricultural image de-noising algorithm
Authors: Yang Fu Zeng
Keywords: agricultural image, hybrid wavelet transform, wiener filter, genetic algorithm, image de-noising
Identifier: CSBE100250
A model to predict calves' lying time with wireless 3-dimensional accelerometer collar
Authors: Petro Tamminen, Laura Hänninen, Ann-Helena Hokkanen, Johannes Tiusanen, Matti Pastell
Keywords: accelerometer, lying time, calve, support vector machine, wireless measurement
Identifier: CSBE100922
A multi-lingual translation engine for translating ration formulation programs from english to spanish, portuguese, italian, german, and french languages
Authors: A. Ahmadi, P.H.Robinson, P. Chilibroste
Keywords: multilingual, translation knowledge management, semantics, text mining.
Identifier: CSBE101638
A numerical integrated model of composting processes using finite elements methods
Authors: P. Courvoisier, G. Clark
Keywords: compost, numerical modeling
Identifier: CSBE100824
A unified pest scouting for area-wide ipm
Authors: A. Hetzroni, L. Shealtiel-Harpaz, Y. Cohen
Keywords: wide-area ipm, pest-scouting, standardization
Identifier: CSBE100633
Advanced technologies in developing web-based decision support systems for agriculture
Authors: J. Weres, W. Mueller, R. Kozlowski, T. Kluza
Keywords: web application, decision support, asp.net 3.5, cereal grains, rapeseed plantation, research and education management
Identifier: CSBE100365
Advanced web outreach techniques: capitalizing on social media, live blogging, and mobile technology to connect with agricultural clientele
Authors: Andrew Kleinschmidt
Keywords: twitter, social media, mobile blogging, blogs, web 2.0, outreach, web outreach
Identifier: CSBE100479
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