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Interview with U of Saskatchewan Sled Dogs Featured

SK regional director, Oon-Doo Baik interviewed two members (Cory Bart and Dane Steen, both from Mechanical Engineering) of The University of Saskatchewan ¼ Scale Tractor team named “U of S Sled Dogs”. The team has been participating in the ASABE International ¼ Scale Tractor Student Design Competition since 2002. For the competition, all the competing teams are provided with the same engine and a set of tires (31 hp Briggs & Stratton and Titan tires). The design of their tractors is a good open-ended project totally up to the teams. Numerous judges from industries evaluate each design for innovation, manufacturability, serviceability, safety, sound level, and ergonomics. Teams also submit a written design report. Their tractors will be tested for pull, maneuverability and durability.

(Left: Cory Bart, Right: Dane Steen)

Oon-Doo: How many members do you have now?

Cory & Dane: Currently, we have 21 undergraduate students.

Oon-Doo: I guess most of them are from Mechanical Engineering.

Cory & Dane: Yes, though we have some 1st year students who haven’t declared yet, and three outside the College of Engineering, two from Business and one from Agriculture and Bio resources.

Oon-Doo: What are the qualifications to join the team?

Cory & Dane: Not much. Any students who registered at U of S and has desire in designing, building and competing can join. Not necessary to be in College of Engineering, however to participate the competition in Illinois, you need to register as a member of ASABE/CSBE.

Oon-Doo: Why/When did you join the team?

Cory: Grew up on a farm and heard about the team during my first year and I joined the team my second year (he is 3rd year now).

Dane: I was interested in heavy machinery like agriculture machinery and I would like to work for those industries. I have heard from an employee from there that they recognize the quarter scale team activities (design, fabrication, reporting, teamwork, etc.), thus being a member is beneficial to get a job in the related industries. And we can have great hand-on experience and software skills development during school.

Oon-Doo: How was the most recent competition results for U of S Sled Dogs?

Cory & Dane: We were in 7th place Overall, 1st place Written Design Report, 5th place in Durability​, 6th place in Marketing Presentation, 8th place in Design Judging, 9th place in Tractor Pulls out of 32 teams from Canada, Israel and the United States.

Oon-Doo: What is your favorite thing about being a team member?

Cory & Dane: Starting from small ideas, developing them further, sharing the ideas with team members, and building a real piece based on the design. We like it and feel a sense of pride. In the competition, we also enjoy learning from other University teams about how they approached design problems differently, etc.

For more information about the U of S Sled Dogs ¼ Scale Tractor Team, contact Cory Bart (Team Captain) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website: http://quarterscaleusask.wixsite.com/website. Dr. Scott Noble in Mechanical Engineering is the faculty advisor for the team.

After the interview they sent me more photos (U of S Sled Dogs team members and the pulling test during 2017 competition) for CSBE newsletter below.



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